About Us


Let us introduce ourselves... 


Advanced Siteworks was established in February 2013. After a combined 40 years of working together for other companies, Phil Milson “Bucky” and Stacy Diamond “Stace” knew it was time to form Advanced Siteworks. Their excellent work history combined with long-standing industry relationships have already made Advanced Siteworks the natural choice for many construction projects.


Phil Milson “Buck” – Owner

Phil has been part of the earthmoving industry since 1992. He holds a Trade Certificate in Carpentry and a licence to operate any earthmoving machine with wheels, tracks or rollers! With strong interpersonal skills, Phil’s experience as an Operator, Foreman and Operations/Contracts Manager of multiple sites means that working well with onsite contractors is a given. Phil is well known for getting the job done right and on time.


Stace Diamond – Owner

Stace was born into a family of earthmovers. A dab hand on the digger at the age of 10 years old, and working since he was 16, Stace has perfected the art of contouring the land to meet incredibly high standards. Being within the contracting industry is both Stace’s dream and his passion – and this is clearly reflected in the quality of his work. Over his 20 years in the industry, Stace has operated the full range of heavy machinery from motor scrapers/loaders/trucks/ to small and large diggers.