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K-Pod Vic Uni
Situated on the hillside at the back of Victoria University, this new build requires us to demolish an existing timber car deck and excavate for the building which will be half suspended over the new carpark area.
Advanced Siteworks has the privilege of being involved in the demolition and re-build of the Te Omanga Hospice in Lower Hutt. The grand old house needed to be demolished due to earthquake risk, however we were able to salvage all native timber from the old building and the concrete was crushed and reused as subbase material under the new build. We are currently preparing the floor slab and can't wait to see the new hospice emerge.
We are currently working on this exciting project on the Wellington Waterfront, beside the Nga Kina Sculpture (Phil and Stace also played a major part in delivering and placing these large-scale sculptures into place back in 2012).
This 6,000m2 revamp of the area includes a new timber boardwalk, pavilion, seating areas and covered walkways and Advanced Siteworks have been contracted to provide the excavation and siteworks for the project.
We were contracted to do the demolition, excavation, drainage and siteworks for the new K-Mart in Petone, Lower Hutt. This included the demolition of one 4,000m2 building, another building and partial demolition of another. The site borders the Hutt Valley Railway Line and the busy Hutt Road so good timing, co-operation and open communication were essential in completing the demolition safely. The siteworks included the preparation for and laying of over 5,500m2 of asphalt to the carpark area.
Abel Smith Apartments is a new complex on the corner of Abel Smith St and Victoria St in Wellington City Centre. Advanced Siteworks completed the excavation, including disposal of contaminated material from the site, slab prep and detailed siteworks around the site. The site was challenging given the restricted space and its location on busy roads.
The new Regional Bowls Centre in Naenae consists of a Bowling Green, Petanque Court, Tennis Court, and Function Centre. Advanced Siteworks completed the demolition of the old building, including the removal of asbestos, and excavation and siteworks for the new building
Advanced Siteworks has recently completed the partial demolition, excavation and siteworks for two new pools and pump room at Huia Pools. This entailed excavating 3,800m3 to form the pool area, careful backfilling around the new pool walls and formation of the new carpark and entranceway.
This project included the demolition of the existing hall and excavation of foundations for the new hall.
The highlight of our journey so far has been the demolition of the Broderick Road Rail Bridge in 2014/2015. This was a time critical, potentially hazardous, and high-profile project that we successfully completed ahead of schedule and to a high standard.
The work involved the demolition of the old rail bridge and the excavation and backfill of the new MSE Walls for the new Broderick Rd/Moorefield Intersection.
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This project included the demolition of the existing hall and excavation of foundations for the new hall.